Belay devices, ascenders & descenders

Belay Devices are pieces of climbing equipment through which the rope is passed (that's connected to the climber that is leading). When, or if, the climber falls off the friction created by the device places the load onto the harness, and thus the person, holding the belay device (the belayer).

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Rock Empire ASCENDER Rope Clamp (Left or Right)
Rock Empire Ascenders (Left or Right) provides great comfort, efficiency and ease of use. To giv..
Ex Tax: £38.33
Rock Empire DESCENDER Self Blocking Rappel
Self-braking system operates when the handle is released. The rate of descent is controlled by ..
Ex Tax: £58.33
Rock Empire FIGURE EIGHT (Descender) Belay Device 8
Figure - eight descender, anodized. For descending on single or double rope. High strength f..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Rock Empire GUARD Belay Device
The anodized Rock Empire Guard is light, easy to operate and won’t lock up unexpectedly. A go..
Ex Tax: £12.49
Rock Empire GUARD II Belay Device
With a new design, the Rock Empire Guard II is a universal, multi-featured aluminum device for be..
Ex Tax: £19.17
Rock Empire Gym Sport Climbing Belay Device
With a new design, the Rock Empire GYM is a universal, aluminum device for belaying and rappellin..
Ex Tax: £8.33